Outdoor activity

ヒライソガニ(Gaetice depressus)

Yesterday I wen to Ashiya sea shore with my son. Recently I have no chance to goto outdoor activity for a long time, at last I can do it.

We found many crabs (Gaetice depressus) under stones, I had chat with other kids, I spent wonderfull time on sea shore.

I think the experience having relationship with creatures is very important for kids. They know other lives on earth and it is weak against human although little kids. Small creatures are died by them, but they know what is death and there are tiny lives smaller than they killed as new generation, they will know what is growth.

I believa it and I hope having wonderfull outdoor experience with my sons.

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絶対に食べたくはないですが、遊ぶ分なら良いですね。 :)

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