Unsuitable IT Strategies


Japan is famous about IT products, but I can not realize us using IT software technology well. I am afraid Japanese people is not good at understanding technical terms. Ken Kaicoh, editor, wrote "Japanese is good at learning HOW TO but not good at maiking HOW TO" in some essay. I agree it. Japanese language is not structured like western language. It can not explain who, to whom, for what correctly.

Nowadays, there are many troubles among large campany and publical organization in Japan because of IT technical factor. I think there are some common reason about weakness of making how to.



何故MSはOffice Document Imaging を捨てたのか、、、


url に日本語が含まれている場合の Firefox と IE の挙動の違い。

Nexus 9の熱暴走癖、バッテリーが少ないと発生しやすいようだ。

IKEA KOLON(フロアプロテクター)は床に悪影響を与える可能性がある。



Firefox urlエンコード機能をUTF-8化する方法。

Xfce環境でCaps LockをCtrlに変える。