Who do IT?

コモンヤドカリ Dardanus megistos (Herbst, 1804)<br />動物界(Animalia)  節足動物門(Arthropoda)  甲殻綱(Crustacea)  エビ目(十脚目)(Decapoda)  ヤドカリ科(Diogenidae)  ヤドカリ属(Dardanus)

I heard the saying I do not want to hear, that who do it. The IT integration need someone's idea. Yes it is surely true. But the other hand, if someone wants do something different, someone's brain is needed.

My wonder of people who around me, mostly say “who do it?”, “Does next one surely come?”, etc. They are always thinking about IT behind. I can't understand it. boooo

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