今回のトラブルは結構長い。 も落ちてるから詳細は分からないが,最後のエントリーは下のような記事になっている。 によると,

We are currently experiencing some problems with Blog*Spot. A percentage of blogs are completely inaccessible. For others, you may need to reload a few times before you connect to a web server that will serve them. We anticipate things will be calmed down within the hour.

Update, 5:20PM: Blogger and Blog*Spot should be fully operational with the exception of one of our file servers. This means a percentage of blogs will be unpublishable and inaccessible. We are currently waiting for a lengthy disk integrity check to complete on the file server. There may also be transient delays serving blog pages while our load balancing evens out.

Update, 8:00PM: The Blog*Spot web servers are coming back online with connections to the file server that was out for most of the evening. (Its disk is totally okay, btw.) So, within the next 10-5 minutes everything should be completely back to normal.
Again, super major apologies for this.




何故MSはOffice Document Imaging を捨てたのか、、、

url に日本語が含まれている場合の Firefox と IE の挙動の違い。

Nexus 9の熱暴走癖、バッテリーが少ないと発生しやすいようだ。

IKEA KOLON(フロアプロテクター)は床に悪影響を与える可能性がある。

Firefox urlエンコード機能をUTF-8化する方法。

Xfce環境でCaps LockをCtrlに変える。



新長田の中華料理店 「新徳園」