Joomla! is Exciting!

ネコハエトリ Carrhotus xanthogramma (Pros, 1973)<br />動物界(Animalia)  節足動物門(Arthropoda)  クモ綱(Arachnida)  クモ目(Araneae)  ハエトリグモ科(Salticidae)  コゲチャハエトリグモ属(Carrhotus)

Recently I use Jooomla! open source contents management system. I wonder the quality of it and it is offering in free. It reach almost production level as package software. I think it will use in wid spread. Now I concider stoking "how to" about Joomla! for someone else for Japanese. There are already exist Joomla! Japan users group. I will report something I tried in this blog.

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