So tired

アナホリフクロウ Athene cunicularia (Molina, 1782)<br />動物界(Animalia)  脊索動物門(Chordata)  鳥綱(Aves)  フクロウ目(Strigiformes)  フクロウ科(Strigidae)  コキンメフクロウ属(Athene)

I waked up at 3 o'clock and did my job untill 9 o'clock. And making breakfast for family and did several house work instead of my wife. After that, I made poor lunch (retort curry costs under 100yen) for me by myself and went to my office for late rotation. I worked without 1 hour rest and eating evening dishes. Finally I stayed untill 21:30 and got back to home at 23:00.

So tired. ああー疲れた。

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