Study English again through Curry recipe


I decided to study English through curry recipe. There are many Indian food recipes and cooking videos in the world. I can know hundreds maybe. I hope to become understanding English well and be a good Indian food cooker.

Some years age I was said that you write poor English like a Japanese junior high school student. That beaten me hard. But, I never afraid using poor English. I will try reading, hearing much more for Indian food well cook and Python programing script.



url に日本語が含まれている場合の Firefox と IE の挙動の違い。

Nexus 5X が起動しなくなり、Sony Xperia XA1 Plus を買ったのだがカメラが残念すぎる。


何故MSはOffice Document Imaging を捨てたのか、、、

Xfce環境でCaps LockをCtrlに変える。

Nexus 9の熱暴走癖、バッテリーが少ないと発生しやすいようだ。


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セアカゴケグモ(背赤後家蜘蛛、Redback spider) Latrodectus hasseltii (Thorell, 1870)